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100 1 _aZollinger, Robert M.
245 0 0 _aAtlas of Surgical Operations /
_cRobert M. Zollinger
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505 _aSurgical anatomy. Arterial blood supply to the upper abdominal viscera. Venous and lymphatyc supply to the upper abdominal viscera. Anatomy of the large intestine. Anatomy of the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava. Gastrointestinal procedures. Laparotomy, the opening. Laparotomy, the closure. Gastrostomy. Closure of perforation-subphrenic abscess. Gastrojejunostomy. Pyloroplasty-gastroduodenostomy. Vagotomy. Vagotomy, subdiaphragmatic approach. Hemigastrectomy, billroth I method. Gastrectomy, subtotal. Gastrectomy, subtotal-omentectomy. Gastrectomy, polya method. Gastrectomy, hofmeister method. Total gastrectomy. Esophagocardiomyotomy. Resection of small intestine. Enterostomy. Pyloromyotomy-intussusception. Meckel’s diverticulectomy. Appendectomy. Surgical anatomy of large intestine. Tube cecostomy-colostomy. Transverse colostomy. Closure of colostomy. Colectomy, right. Colectomy, left, end-to-end anastomosis. Colectomy, left, mikulicz procedure. Abdominoperineal resection. Abdominoperineal resection-perineal resection. Total colectomy. Anterior resection of rectosigmoid: end-to-end anastomosis. Anterior resection of rectosigmoid: side-to-end anastomosis (Baker). Colotomy and excision of polyp. Cholecystectomy, retrograde method. Choledochostomy. Choledochostomy, transduodenal approach. Cholecystectomy-partial cholecystectomy. Cholecystostomy-choledochoplasty. Choledochojejunostomy-end-to-end anastomosis. Cholecystogastrostomy-biopsy of liver. Anatomy and resections of the liver. Right hepatic lobectomy. Left hepatic lobectomy. Drainage of cyst or pseudocyst of the páncreas. Pancreaticojejunostomy (Puestow-gillesby procedure). Resection of the tail of the páncreas. Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple procedure). Miscellaneous abdominal procedures. Splenectomy. Bilateral adrenalectomy. Vascular procedures. Resection of abdominal aortic aneurysm. Aortofemoral bypass. High ligation and stripping of the saphenous veins. High ligation and stripping of the saphenous veins-vena caval interruption. Lumbar sympathectomy. Shunting procedures for portal hypertension. Portacaval shunt. Splenorenal shunt. Splenorenal shunt (Warren). Mesocaval shunt (Clatworthy). Procedures. Gynecologic system-routine for abdominal procedures. Abdominal panhysterectomy. Abdominal hysterectomy. Salpingectomy-oophorectomy. Myomectomy-suspension of uterus gynecologic system-routine for vaginal procedures. Anterior colporrhaphy. Amputation of cervix and colporrhaphy (Manchester). Posterior colporrhaphy. Diagnostic technics for cervical lesions-dilatation and curettage. Vaginal hysterectomy. Partial closure of vagina (Le fort). Miscellaneous procedures. Thyroidectomy, subtotal. Tracheotomy. Radial neck dissection. Zenker’s diverticulectomy. Parotidectomy, lateral lobectomy. Thoracostomy, resection of rib. Posterolateral thoracotomy incisión. Minor procedures upon the breast. Radical mastectomy. Repair of postoperative hernia. Repair of umbilical hernia. Repair of indirect inguinal hernia. Repair of direct inguinal hernia (McVay). Repair of femoral hernia. Hydrocele repair. Rectal prolapse, perineal repair. Injection and excision of hemorrhoids. Drainage of ischiorectal abscess-excision of fistula in ano. Excision of fistula in ano-excision of fissure in ano. Excision of pilonidal sinus. Principles of amputation. Amputation, supracondylar. Incision and drainage of infections of the hand. Suture of nerve. Suture of tendon. Skin graft.
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